The Rev. Justin Howard, Rector


Justin was born in Queens and raised in upstate New York, spending copious amounts of time exploring, hiking, fishing, and camping in the Catskill Mountains. Having given his life to Jesus as a teenager, he grew to understand the good news of Jesus and his Kingdom through forgiveness and healing in his own life. Justin attended Houghton College where two of the most significant events of his life occurred: He met the Holy Spirit, and he met Amy. Justin and Amy were married in 2006 and made six amazing and energetic boys.

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The Rev. Amy Howard, Associate Rector


Amy grew up in Bangor, Maine and received her Bachelor of Music in vocal performance at the Greatbatch School of Music, at Houghton College. Having met both the third member of the Trinity as well as the president of the theological society (Justin) during her Sophomore year at Houghton, she traded in Brahms for the prayer room, and quiet Sunday afternoons for family life with six kiddos. Amy is an ordained priest and oversees Encounters for the Diocese and healing prayer at All Saints where she leads the church along with Justin.

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The Rev. Lucy Albert, Pastor of Connections

Lucy grew up in Richmond, Virginia, the older of two daughters of parents who were both loving and eccentric.  She met Jesus through Young Life at age 15, and everything changed. Five years later, she met Frank through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and everything changed again. They were married by the time she earned a B.A. in Religious Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1992.

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Frank Albert, Pastor of Music

Frank was born in Florida and grew up in Boston and then Illinois. He eventually moved to Virginia and attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where he met his beautiful bride, Lucy.  Frank is a professional musician and plays guitar, piano, bass, violin, viola and 7-string electric violin.

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Joel ZeiglerSexton and Maintenance Coordinator 

Joel worships regularly at All Saints and works part-time overseeing the maintenance and property matters of All Saints Anglican Cathedral. 

To contact the Sexton click here or call 978-388-0009 x3. 

Ministry Coordinators

Ministry Coordinators oversee and coordinate the various ministries through All Saints. If you are interested in participating in one of the following ministry teams, please e.mail office@allsaintsamesbury.org. 

Altar Guild Ministry Coordinator – Mary Hall 

Chancel Ministry Coordinator – J.D. Bernardy 

Counters Ministry Coordinator – Paul Dubois 

Hospitality – Susan Sheesley and Patty Champion 

Lay Readers and Lay Eucharistic Ministers Ministry Coordinator – Vicki Haley 

Missions Ministry Coordinator – Amanda Gonnella 

Nursery Ministry Coordinator – Amanda Gonnella 

Prayer Ministry Ministry Coordinator – Dcn. Martha Learned 

Sound and Vision Ministry Coordinator – Bruce McBrien 

Ushers and Greeting Ministry Coordinator – Kathy Zingarelli 

The Vestry

The Vestry is the ministry of lay elders who have responsibility for overseeing the finances, legal concerns, property, and programmatic ministries of the church. They are responsible for executing the mission of the church in collaboration with the pastor. Members serve 3-year terms and are elected at Annual Meetings. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to speak with them. 

Note: If a vestry member steps down or becomes an officer before his/her term is finished, then someone is elected to finish the remainder of that vacated term. 

Senior Warden – Chris Sherratt 

Junior Warden – Alan Carter 

Clerk – Ticia Hill-Zeigler 

Treasurer – Nathan Etu 

Vestry Members – Bruce McBrien, Elizabeth Craig, Amanda Gonnella, Robert Ebersole, Patty Champion, Michael Mayo