What is Cross Training?

Getting to know God involves having to explore an often-confusing relationship: Just who is God? What is He doing in my life? How do I get to know Him better? Where do I go next in life?

CROSS TRAINING is where we seek practical answers to those kinds of question.

Often we find the best answers among friends who are on the same journey of relationship with God, taking us beyond individual prayer and Bible-study. In Cross Training, we explore and discuss various topics on the Christian life.

Following the worship service and fellowship time, join in a 45-minute practical training time, led by both lay-members and clergy.

This year at All Saints, we will be developing practical tools and encouragement to take steps as faithful witnesses of Jesus.  

We will explore a natural, organic way of sharing Christ called the BLESS model—

Begin with prayer, Listen, Eat, Serve, Story-share.

Cross Training meets from 11:15-noon every Sunday morning after worship in the Lower Church Hall, from September to the end of May.