1303, 2020

Upcoming Events, Week of March 15th, 2020

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Readings: Ex 17:1-7; Ps 95; John 4:5-26(27-38)39-42 AS WE FACE INTO THE REALITY OF THE CORONAVIRUS, we are prayerfully considering what is best for our All Saints family. After having consulted with Father Ross and Bishop Andrew, I (Mother Susie) believe it is right for All Saints to continue to have Sunday services (unless there was to be a directive from the Governor’s office). As the people of God, it is right that we continue to meet for worship and prayer, perhaps especially during times of crisis. Of course, you may decide, for various reasons, that it would not be wise for you to attend services, whether it is because of your own health needs or because you are in contact with the elderly or others with compromised immune systems--or for whatever reason. We want you to know that we fully support your decision. We will post the Sunday sermon on our Facebook page, as always. If we can move to a live broadcast Sunday morning, we will let you know. We continue to consider changes that can make Sunday morning worship as “germ-free” as possible. For example, we may go to Morning Prayer for a time if that seems best. [...]

2802, 2020

A Wonderful Opportunity

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Written by The Rev. Canon Ross Kimball I confess that I enjoyed all of my school years. Yes, even law school! I had many inspiring teachers and professors, made many good friends, and enjoyed many extra-curricular activities. I did NOT, however, enjoy the regular tests and quizzes (especially the pop, or surprise, quizzes). They were usually a source of significant fear and trembling. I suspect it was the same for most of us. Imagine my surprise, then, when I learned that one of my daughter’s high school teachers referred to tests and quizzes as “opportunities.” Seriously? The teacher apparently reasoned that they were an opportunity for the students to demonstrate what they had learned. For most of us, our first reaction when we realize that Lent is upon us is to focus immediately and somewhat unhappily on what we are going to give up. The reality, though, is that Lent actually offers us an opportunity – a very good opportunity – to gain something of surpassing worth. The observance of Lent does include giving up something(s), but it actually involves much more. We are also called to take on active practices. At the beginning of our Ash Wednesday service, Fr. [...]

2102, 2020

River’s Edge: Building Community Based on the Love of Christ

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Written by Patty Champion Outreach ministry includes supporting missionaries, connecting with Amesbury Children and Families, the Rivers Edge Community Garden, and other local outreach opportunities. Each Sunday at the conclusion of our corporate worship, we pray together for God to send us out to do the work he has given us to do, to love and serve as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord. What work do we do Monday through Saturday, and how can we do more loving and serving as faithful witnesses of Jesus in between our Sunday services? That is the question the Outreach task force is considering as part of the effort Bp. Andrew and Mother Susie have initiated to help All Saints organize and provide focus to what ministries we are doing, as well as those we wish to be doing in the future, in preparation for the arrival of our new rector. In the years ASAC has been in Amesbury, we have had several Spirit inspired ministries focused on outreach to the local community. These have included Alpha, His Provision Too, Alpha Marriage Course, Divorce Care, and the English Bridge ESL classes. All these ministries were fruitful for a season, but for one reason [...]

1502, 2020

A Discipleship Discussion

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Written by Rick Brown At Bishop Andrew’s urging and with our clergy and vestry leadership’s blessing, a new discussion is beginning at All Saints’ about how we do “discipleship”. Jesus tells us at the end of Matthew’s gospel to “Go and make disciples of all nations” and to “teach them to obey everything I have commanded you”. He makes it sound so easy! Just go and do it. He does promise to be with us “always, to the very end of the age”, which is reassuring, but that still leaves things somewhat undefined, don’t you think? These examples from Scripture show us how we might follow Jesus’ command to make disciples. In Acts 2:42 we read that the early believers lived out a way of discipleship as “They devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”. In Hebrews 10:23-25 we hear the call to hold fast to the hope we profess so that “we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together…but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the day approaching.” Both of these passages show how important it is for [...]

702, 2020

A Unified Body

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We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Romans 12:5 St. Paul gives us the wonderful image of the Church being the body of Christ in the world. Christ is the head, but we are all the other parts of the body, each having an important function in the life of the body. All of our gifts function best when we understand ourselves as a unified body, all of us working together toward the same purpose in Christ. As Christ’s body in the world, we serve not only the members of the body, but we are sent out to give ourselves for the sake of the world. Jesus sends us out into the world as his messengers of the good news. This past fall Bp. Andrew helped us organize our ministries into task forces that are outwardly focused towards Amesbury and our surrounding communities. These seven ministry areas are: Discipleship, Outreach, Welcome, Music, Audio/Visual, Pastoral Care, and Children. Over the next two months in the Friday email, one of each of the task force chairpersons will be telling us about their particular ministry focus. We will be learning about each task force and how [...]

3101, 2020

One in Body and Spirit, One Eternally

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We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Romans 12:5 This past fall Bp. Andrew helped All Saints form task forces in six ministry areas, chaired by these leaders: Welcome—Janet McBrien Outreach—Tom and Patty Champion Audio/Visual—Bruce McBrien Pastoral Care—Dcn. Martha Learned Children's Ministry—Cindy Carter Discipleship—Rick Brown Each of these ministry areas seeks to reach out to Amesbury and our surrounding communities as well as serve the church body. In order to help these ministries to function well, we are inviting each of you to complete the attached very simple questionnaire so that we can gather information about which ministries you are involved in. You can also tell us if you would like to step back from a ministry or join a new one. There is also a link to a spiritual gifts assessment, to help you identify your spiritual gifts. Please help us by taking a few minutes to answer the questionnaire here. St. Paul gave us the wonderful image of the Church being the body of Christ in the world. Christ is the head, but we are all the other parts of the body. When each member uses their gifts for the sake [...]