506, 2020

Courage in God

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The recent events in our nation have left pain and suffering front and center of the news and our lives. We’ve just celebrated Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit, yet each week seems to bring more turmoil, more grief. It would not be surprising to learn that in this morass, many are wondering where God is, whether God is, and, if He does exist, how He could approach such pain. Yet for those who believe, we know the life of Jesus and the Holy Spirit bring the Trinity near. In fact, this next Sunday, June 7th, is Trinity Sunday. How do pain and hope meet in faith? And Whom do we meet there? Perhaps it sounds odd, but one place pain meets hope is on the missional road All Saints begins June 9th through offering Alpha online. For many, this will be an opportunity to engage or re-engage with the questions of life for the first time. For others, it will be a new and different way to extend the outreach and hospitality we find in Christ to others. For all, it provides a way to build and share our faith, participating in and praying for what God longs [...]

2905, 2020

Why Alpha? Why Now?

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You may know this because it’s often used to motivate, but the same Chinese character that is translated “challenge” is the same character used for “opportunity.”  The people of God have always been beset with challenges in every age, but the people who gain God’s praise are those who embrace the opportunity and go “all in” for his glory.  The Scriptural narrative is rife with stories that prove St. Paul’s oft-quoted,   “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  (Romans 8:28)  Remember, only in some things does God work for the good of those who love him… NO!  In ALL THINGS God works for the good of those who love him.  Can you imagine that?  A God who is that relentless, who has the power to redeem all things?  Yes, even during a pandemic, economic meltdown, and state governments who may have overreached a bit (whatever your opinion), the question we have to ask now is, “what is the opportunity, Lord?”  Well the answer is found in the verse directly following,   “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and [...]

205, 2020

A Missional Community

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Hello All Saints and friends,   Amy and I have been so encouraged in our first 10 days as the Pastoral team for All Saints.  We have personally met (via zoom) around thirty-six of you and spent around 26 hours on zoom conferences with you all… it’s been a great run!  Thank you for taking the time to welcome us, tell us your stories, and share your dreams for All Saints.  There is a wealth, a veritable treasure trove of gifting, experience, passion, hunger and willingness to move forward into all the Lord has in his heart for us.  We are eager to work among you and lead you into this next season of faithful and fruitfulness.    Of course, we currently find ourselves in an unparalleled time and the coming season will be wrought with uncertainty too.  But I must say, I have never been so convinced that we are living at “Kairos” moment, a moment in time when God is near and the opportunity to enter the Kingdom more fully is tangible.  The Lord is near, he is with us, in us, and for us.  Jesus’ commitment to his church has never wavered – we will be a glorious Bride.  [...]

1704, 2020

Upcoming Events, Week of April 17th, 2020

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Welcome to Fr. Justin Howard! With joy and gratitude to the Lord we welcome our new Rector, Fr. Justin Howard! For an opportunity to virtually meet him and his wife, Amy, please respond to their invitation to you: Greetings Church! Amy and I would love to take this quarantine opportunity to get to know you! The Howard family is actively engaging the tedium of maneuvering the online schooling of six boys and there have been some ups and downs, but the time together has been priceless. Below you'll find a link to a spreadsheet for you to sign up for a virtual teatime (or another beverage depending on the time of day 😉 with Justin and Amy. Sign up by typing your last name and the beverage you'd like to virtually share together (T=Tea; W=wine). Sign up here: After you sign up for a time, copy and paste the following zoom invite into your calendar: Morning and early afternoon: Evening: Be sure to download zoom to your device before our meeting, if you have not done so already, here: We are looking forward to our time together with you! Peace, Justin & Amy Sunday Communion Service [...]

1704, 2020

Our Help and Shield

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Greetings to you all as we begin to observe the several weeks of Eastertide. He is Risen! Just prior to our virtual Vestry meeting this past Wednesday, I grabbed my phone to go to the Mission of St Clare, a place I normally visit during my morning commute to Cambridge. The Psalm appointed for Evening Prayer that night, Psalm 115, opens with a call for us to remember to whom we give glory: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your Name give glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” In verses 9-10, the Psalmist reminds us why Israel, and we, should trust in the Lord: “…he is their help and their shield.” In this short space I’d like to share some of the Vestry’s recent work that clearly shows how God is our help and shield. Most of you will know the happy news that we have called and now welcome Fr Justin Howard to be our Rector. With him, his wife Mother Amy and their family, we now move into our life together. There will be much more to write about as we find ways to connect with them despite the physical separations we are [...]

1004, 2020

Upcoming Events, Week of April 12th, 2020

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EASTER COMMUNION—pick up Friday 5:00-6:00 and Saturday noon-1:00  Today and tomorrow pre-packaged consecrated communion bread and juice are available for you to pick up so we can all partake together in our online Easter service. They will be on a table at the church on Friday evening 5:00-6:00PM and Saturday from noon to 1:00. The side door by the parking lot will be open for you to come in and take them without touching the door handles. If there are some who are unable to come to pick them up, a suggestion might be to have a representative from your community group or a friend pick up yours and bring them to you. Let’s be aware of those who may need help.  EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE WITH EUCHARIST AT 10 AM: Easter morning there will be a diocesan wide service led by Bp. Andrew from the Cathedral. Fr. Justin has been instrumental in organizing this service. Please join us for this service through this link:  JUST A REMINDER: Even though Church services are virtual right now, operating costs are still very real and All Saints' is committed to supporting our missionaries, projects and staff. Please remember to continue your generous giving, either by mailing a check to the office (6 Allens Ct., Amesbury MA 01913), or by giving electronically through Tithe-ly  Thank you!  ADNE ONLINE HOLY [...]