Rector Position Description

Rector Position Description

This is a full-time position in Amesbury, Massachusetts,

The Anglican Diocese in New England, Rt. Rev. Andrew Williams, Bishop

Summary of the position

All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral, Amesbury, MA seeks an experienced Rector with a proven track record who, by strategic and inspirational leadership, can grow the congregation and embrace the vision we share with our Bishop and Diocese: to re-evangelize New England. It is essential that the new Rector embrace this commitment and provide strong and clear pastoral and administrative leadership to people both inside and outside our church doors.

Qualities we seek

The new Rector will have a strong sense of the Triune God in daily life. He or she will be steeped in Scriptures and preach from this foundation. He or she will enjoy meeting people, be culturally sensitive to New England, and have a heart for evangelism. Dependent upon God’s grace, he or she will not be hesitant to boldly lead the church in patterns of holiness and service: that is, to pray and take actions that invite those who do not know Jesus to want to meet Him. The new Rector will refresh and encourage ministries we need and continue to grow the present culture of prayer. Building God’s kingdom and building relationships will come naturally to this person.

Essential Functions

The Rector will preach the Good News of Christ, teaching and forming the congregation in Word and Sacrament. He or she will collaborate with Vestry and Officers to oversee all aspects of the parish’s assets, finances, budget and spending; supervise clergy, staff and volunteers; extend pastoral care; and empower the congregation to reach out to the community with a defined focus on families, children and youth.


The next Rector will be an ordained Anglican priest; demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Holy Scripture according to the Canons of the ACNA; preferably, but not necessarily hold a Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary; have at least 4-5 years’ experience leading a church; possess the ability to self-start as well as inspire, motivate and mobilize staff and volunteers; be able to oversee and organize the various administrative duties that fall to a Rector and do so with care for others.


All Saints’ is a modest-sized congregation whose members demonstrate a deep faith and a strong love for one another. They step forward to serve where and when needed. They trust God who has seen them through difficult times. They pray hard, work hard, love the Anglican Liturgy and life, and, now, have a strong desire to grow and engage with the greater Amesbury community. The church needs a leader to take our congregation forward on the next steps of the journey, led by the presence of Christ.

Challenges, as well as opportunities, abound. New England can be “rocky soil,” and yet people here are hungry for real relationships and truth beyond themselves. The buildings on our campus hold potential for deeper or different ministries as well as reminders of the debt our church incurred as we left everything behind. All Saints’ wants to discern how to use all that God has given us responsibly and fruitfully. It will be a challenge to grow, but several relationships in town can, and are, being built upon. The rapport we have with 2-3 other local churches of other denominations and with schools and other organizations provides a solid base from which to build.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV/resume, spiritual autobiography, and a minimum of three references to both Christine Sherratt,  and ADNE Canon Ross Kimball,

Materials are requested by February 29, 2020; however, applications will be reviewed and accepted until the position is filled.