We’re an Anglican family on mission, growing together in the way of Jesus.

Come walk with us.

If you’re new to All Saints’ or new to church in general, welcome in the name of Christ! We’re glad you stopped by our site and hope to meet you in person.
We welcome you to join us on Sunday mornings for worship and encourage you to check out the many programs & services we offer for all ages.
Please do not hesitate to contact our parish office by email or phone (978.388.0009) if you have any questions, would like more information, or would simply like to introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you!

Click on your questions to get brief answers

We welcome all people to feel safe and loved in a judgment-free atmosphere, no matter where you’re at in life. We want everyone to experience the love of Jesus whether they’re visitors or long-time members. So, you can expect…

…a warm greeting by gracious people who will shake your hand and answer questions you may have

…people from all walks of life, some dressed-up and others casual, all gathered to worship God together

…a friendly place where worshipping connects to learning, laughing, talking and drinking coffee together each Sunday

You’ll experience three movements in our worship services:  Praise, Word, and Sacrament. Click here to find out more

Our services run approximately 90 minutes.

A nursery with service audio is available for children under 4 years old.

All are invited to gather for coffee and snacks following service.

We organize activities around our mission to “welcome all, worship God, train together, and share the gospel in the way of Jesus.” Ministry teams serve on Sundays and during the week. Click on any of these areas to learn more about how you could participate.

Sundays: Refreshments, Ushers, Musicians, Children’s Ministry, Worship-Tech, Chancel Servers  

During the Week: Home Groups, Alpha, Music, Prayer, Vestry 

Outreach: Alpha, Outreach Events, Community Garden 

Giving;: To give a one-time gift or set up a regular contribution click here

We walk with others in their joys as well as in their difficulties, and we share support as we’re able. Whether the need is physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual, our clergy and lay leaders are available to talk with you.

Our Pastoral Care Coordinator can connect with you for help with hospital or home visits, appointments with a pastor or spiritual director, or short-term financial help. To email our Pastoral Care Coordinator click here.

To arrange things like a Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, or Funeral, contact the parish office. To email the parish office click here.

Any of our clergy are available for the Rite of Reconciliation (aka “Confession”). You can email them directly from the contact info on the Our Leaders page.

We welcome all, singles and families, to fellowship and grow with us. Whether at church on Sundays or at our home groups, children and teens will find people who care about investing in them and helping them grow in their Christian faith.

The liturgy involves us in the worship of God; we are not spectators but participants. Physical acts of worship—kneeling, crossing, bowing—are optional. Participate as you are able and willing, and feel free to ask questions.  

Written prayers put affirmations of God’s character together with scripture-based requests and hopes. They lend us words to pray when we have trouble articulating what is in our hearts, providing themes that can extend into our unscripted (aka “extemporaneous”) prayers. We pray them with the same sincerity and urgency as when we pray spontaneously.