Greetings to you all as we begin to observe the several weeks of Eastertide. He is Risen!

Just prior to our virtual Vestry meeting this past Wednesday, I grabbed my phone to go to the Mission of St Clare, a place I normally visit during my morning commute to Cambridge. The Psalm appointed for Evening Prayer that night, Psalm 115, opens with a call for us to remember to whom we give glory: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your Name give glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” In verses 9-10, the Psalmist reminds us why Israel, and we, should trust in the Lord: “…he is their help and their shield.”

In this short space I’d like to share some of the Vestry’s recent work that clearly shows how God is our help and shield. Most of you will know the happy news that we have called and now welcome Fr Justin Howard to be our Rector. With him, his wife Mother Amy and their family, we now move into our life together. There will be much more to write about as we find ways to connect with them despite the physical separations we are now experiencing.

Our worship services are now more fully online, thanks to Vestry member Bruce McBrien and a host of others. This week Vestry member Patty Champion described her work to spearhead a Saturday morning a ‘grab-n-go’ breakfast, now in its third week. Please consider participating in this missional work: the minimal preparation involved and outside distribution and offering of prayer is done by ‘households’ to ensure safety. It’s good to be a local partner and presence to those in our town.

Vestry officers, Tom Champion and others have been completing necessary administrative work related to our finances and campus development. Through these efforts and the generous giving of the people of All Saints’, our finances are solid, thanks be to God and to you. We also have an updated Directory, thanks to Fr Adam and Mthr Susie. On Wednesday, Vestry member Charlotte Green described her initiative to reach out to several in the parish, and is thinking about how we can use this tool to more easily keep in touch with each other.

I know there is more to say than I can describe here. Please know how grateful the Vestry is to each of you who has stepped in to do whatever has been needed in these past few months. As we continue to move through these days of continual change, let us remember God is our surety. May His Spirit guide us and prompt us to pray for one another, for our leaders, for those whom we don’t know yet, and for those we host in James Place, the Innovation School and Celebrate Recovery. It continues to be my privilege to see firsthand how God is our “help and shield” at All Saints’, and how His grace continues to lead us onward.

Christine Sherratt

Senior Warden