We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Romans 12:5

St. Paul gives us the wonderful image of the Church being the body of Christ in the world. Christ is the head, but we are all the other parts of the body, each having an important function in the life of the body. All of our gifts function best when we understand ourselves as a unified body, all of us working together toward the same purpose in Christ. As Christ’s body in the world, we serve not only the members of the body, but we are sent out to give ourselves for the sake of the world. Jesus sends us out into the world as his messengers of the good news.

This past fall Bp. Andrew helped us organize our ministries into task forces that are outwardly focused towards Amesbury and our surrounding communities. These seven ministry areas are: Discipleship, Outreach, Welcome, Music, Audio/Visual, Pastoral Care, and Children. Over the next two months in the Friday email, one of each of the task force chairpersons will be telling us about their particular ministry focus. We will be learning about each task force and how these ministries are discovering ways to connect with our local community. We are grateful to the following people who have stepped up to chair the task forces:

Discipleship—Rick Brown. Includes homes groups and developing outreach opportunities for them, Sunday morning adult spiritual formation.

Outreach—Patty and Tom Champion. Includes supporting missionaries, Connecting with Amesbury Children and Families (CAF), the River’s Edge Community Garden, and other local outreach opportunities

Welcome: Janet McBrien. Includes welcoming newcomers, hospitality, facilitating on and off-ramps into ministries, connections with Amesbury community

Music—Cheryl Etu. Includes Sunday morning worship, developing ways to invite local children and families to All Saints through music ministry.

Audio/Visual—Bruce McBrien. Includes PowerPoint (when we have someone to make the slides), sound system, and internet connections to the local community

Pastoral Care—Dcn. Martha Learned. Includes Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEV), Stephen Ministry (which will restart at some point), practical needs such as providing meals

Children’s Ministry—Cindy Carter. Includes Sunday morning Sheep of the Good Shepherd, other children’s activities, ways to invite local children to All Saints’ activities

Are you interested in serving on any of these task forces? This Sunday at the Annual Meeting we will be asking each person to complete a very short questionnaire about

what ministry(s) you are currently involved in, where you would like to be involved, and what ministry(s) you might like to step back from. We want to hear from you.

When we recognize our own gifts and the gifting of others, we can honor and encourage one another to use the gifts God has given each of us. Then the body can flourish and thrive for the sake of Christ’s mission in the world. We are blessed when we see others exercising their gifts, especially in areas where we know we are not gifted. In the same way, others may look to you and be blessed when you exercise your gifts. Thank you to each of you for all that you bring to All Saints, just by being who you are. Every member if of great value!