Dear All Saints family, 

At break-neck speed, we find ourselves in November.  

In the last week, I was hugely blessed to minister to our Diocesan young people at the ADNE Youth Retreat and just a few days later we hosted a day retreat for our East African Clergy.  

Both occasions held stories of sacrifice, a zeal for Jesus and passionate commitment to our shared mission for the re-evangilization of the North East of America. It is so clear, that across the Diocese and along the breadth of New England, there are signs of a rising Global Voice for the Gospel that is both multi-generational and multi-cultural.  

At as a church family, All Saints is right in the middle of this renewal movement. Indeed, your prayers and faithful service across the years have been a part of the foundation that the Lord has laid, that we might see such growth and evidence that His Spirit is moving today. 

And of coursethe Lord’s reward for faithfulness in Godly adventure, is a greater adventure in the power of His love 

  • Please let’s commit to pray in this season of transition for All Saints as we discern the Lord’s calling for our new rector.  
  • Please do join with the Diocese in the 24/7 prayer movement that will be taking place in the seven days before Synod: our 24/7 prayer vigil – and  
  • Be part of Synod 2019 –  Clergy, delegates and guests are all welcome; won’t you register today to make sure you take your place in this great celebration?  

And in so doing, allow the Lord Himself to bless and encourage you as we behold what He has placed us right in the middle of! Let Him raise faith in your heart that He holds you securely in His and for all the blessing we have received and been as a church family at All Saints – the best is yet to come!  

In His great love,  

+ Andrew