Dear friends,

It is such a privilege to share in this season of transition with you. I find myself continually reflecting on your extraordinary history as a church family. You are the community that the Lord entrusted with a million-dollar painting because He knew He could trust you to spend every cent on ministry in the increase of His Kingdom. In your history is a wonderful season of healing prayer where many received remarkable healing in the Lord. You are the church family upon which the Lord has established an entire Diocese and I know that you have sacrificed much in this self-giving process. With all my heart, I truly believe that the Lord desires to encourage, bless and honor you as we seek His leading for the future. He has set His very great hope in you.

To that end I am extremely grateful to everyone who is leaning in and working hard to keep the ministry of All Saints going and indeed thriving. I also want to extend the warmest, heartfelt welcome to all those who have recently joined us. We are made richer for your presence. Welcome home.

May I take this moment to re-introduce you to Reverend Canon Brian Bethke. Some of you may have missed introductions that were made earlier in the year. Brian will be serving the diocese in Leadership Development and mobilizing our churches in mission. In this season of transition for All Saints, he has gladly agreed to pitch in and serve where he is needed – alongside his wonderful and gifted wife, Erica, who is now a member of the All Saints family.

Brian is a California native who moved to New England in 2017 after retiring from 21 years of active duty military service in The United States Marine Corps as a Chief Warrant Officer-4. During his military service, Brian had the opportunity to serve in cross-cultural ministry throughout Europe and the Middle East. His pastoral experience includes serving as the Outreach Director at Rancho Baptist Church in Temecula, CA; Pastor of Tribes 4 Christ Community Church on the La Jolla Indian Reservation; and most recently as the North Andover Campus Director of Operations at Free Christian Church in Andover, MA. Additionally, he has served in non-profit roles as the New England Director of Church Multiplication for the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, Vice President of Tribes 4 Christ Inc., and as an adjunct Professor of Leadership with Transformational Leadership in Africa Inc.

Brian is a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, with an emphasis of ministry in a New England context. He is also a Harold J. Ockenga Fellow, which studies the intersection of faith and culture. Brian’s passion is to equip and empower Gospel-centered missional leaders, committed to courageous leadership and holistic transformation in New England and beyond.

In His great love,

+ Andrew