In early 2015, our congregation reflected for several weeks of this 2014 synod sermon by Canon William Beasley. At that time, it served as a springboard for clarifying our ministry priorities at ASAC.
As we enter a season of transition, it’s a message worth remembering. It reminds us of where we’ve been and renews our focus on the practices that have gotten us to this point.
The audio is available here, and I’ve offered a brief summary of the main points Canon Beasley makes. Each point is followed by a brief summary and set of questions to consider as we continue growing together in the way of Jesus.
Audio of SermonIf you only have time for one thing, listen from 18:15 to the finish
1). “Plant a Seed”—our Passions
  • This speaks to our ongoing Need for Courage and Perseverance in Gospel Love.
  • Where are we giving way to Fears?
  • Where are we giving up in Weariness?
2). “Let God Lead”—our Posture
  • This speaks to our ongoing Need for Trust and Togetherness
  • Where are we trying to control outcomes?
  • Where are we forsaking or making impossible the togetherness we need?
3). “Give up Greed”—our Provisions
  • This speaks to our ongoing Need for Gratitude and Generosity—Money is secondary and will follow the leading of the Lord
  • Where are we prone to Grumbling?
  • Where are we prone to Coveting?
4). “Quality People is our Greatest Need”—our Priorities
  • This speaks to our ongoing Need for Maturity and Trustworthiness
  • Where are we resisting growth or condoning immaturity?
  • Where are allowing or fostering gaps in trustworthiness?