CELEBRATION SUNDAY TOMORROW- Join us downstairs after the service for food and fellowship.  We will be talking about the fall start-ups and hear a brief up-date from the Vestry.  


  • September 15th- Cross training and our children’s program, Sheep of the Good Shepherd resumes. 
  • Week of September 29th- Home Groups resume. Opportunities to sign-up and get connected are in this week’s bulletin. Look for the bright yellow insert. 

SAVE THE DATE, SEPTEMBER 29TH- Following our worship service on the 29th, the Vestry would like to invite you to a special all-parish informational session on All Saints' current finances. We are exploring whether an early Fall gathering could serve as a "Part One" on finances/mission, which could then be followed by further and proposed financials at January's Annual Meeting. This approach would provide extra time to review our overall financial situation as well as set the stage for next year's planning. Please mark your calendars and join us!  If you have questions you'd like to see addressed, please email Chris Sherratt at christine.sherratt@gmail.com

THANK YOU FROM RACHEL DANLEY- Thank you ASAC family for your warm welcome over the last couple of years at seminary and your caring send-off reception! I would love to stay in touch and update you on my Ph.D. in New Testament program while I'm in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen over the next three years.  If you would like to join my prayer list or contact me, e-mail me at abbasgirlrd@yahoo.com or you can share your information with me through this link: https://forms.gle/G7uUXGRXHGhKf4sv9

A NEW ROLE FOR FR. NATHAN AS CANON FOR THEOLOGICAL FORMATION IN THE ADNE- As announced on August 23rd, Fr. Nathan has accepted Bp. Andrew’s invitation to step into a new role in the diocese as Canon for Theological Formation. 

His last Sunday will be September 22nd. He’ll be taking his last week of vacation starting on the 23rd and then entering a 10-week sabbatical for rest, prayer and preparation. The sabbatical will start on Oct. 1 and finish on December 7th. 

From December through June, Fr. Nathan will undertake a Study Leave to design, develop, deploy, and direct a diocesan venture providing theological training and formation for both lay and ordained leaders in the New England context. He will be collaborating with the Bishop and the diocesan team of Canons to seek and secure longer-term financial resources for the diocese that will be needed for that endeavor. 

During Fr. Nathan’s sabbatical, Bishop Andrew has graciously agreed to provide pastoral leadership for All Saints. This sabbatical season will allow All Saints to become better acquainted with our new bishop’s pastoral heart for All Saints and our diocese. 

Cn. Susie Skillen has agreed to assist Bp. Andrew during this transitional time, providing day-to-day oversight during the week. Calls and emails that might have been sent to Fr. Nathan will be handled by Mthr. Susie, and passed on for Bp. Andrew’s attention as needed.

During the transitional time of Sabbatical and Study Leave, the leadership of All Saints will be working with Bishop Andrew to plan for succession in leadership at ASAC.

A letter relating how Fr. Nathan came to this decision, and what it means for our life together at All Saints is available on our church website’s blog.