Greetings All Saints, 

I wish you peace as we enjoy these last, fleeting days of summer. The work of the Vestry has continued as usual, and I am grateful for each person’s efforts during this season. Here’s a brief update since my last in mid-June. 

Many in the parish helped serve our town during Amesbury Days in a variety of ways. In July, we hosted a gathering here to pray and discuss our experiences and plans for the future, including our Rivers Edge Garden growth and how this is moving within our town. July also found many of us at events most families experience: Alan and I attended graduation next door at AIHS; Patty, her crew and many others helped at Francis’ and Nellie’s wedding; we all prayed for the Gosnells’ move to Texas and beyond. Even now the Vestry is continuing to discuss the ongoing, needed administrative support we were blessed to receive from Fr. Adam. We miss them all! 

The Vestry also used time at its July meeting to do a mid-year review of goals, programs, and challenges. Property repairs on church sills and windows are nearly complete. This Sunday we’ll host a luncheon for our Ministry Leaders. And in the last few weeks, the Officers have begun plans for an all-parish informational session on our finances. Pencil in Sunday September 29th after the service.  

One of the summer’s highlights for me has been the opportunity to reflect on thoughts shared by our preaching clergy this summer. Father Nathan shared with us on July 21st that God allows us to experience our own hopes, reveals our hearts, and calls us to trust. Fr. David Currie took us deeply into Colossians 3:  Let the peace of Christ rule your hearts; let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. Fr. Bill Blomquist recently described the “hang time” in which we sometimes find ourselves and how, in that, God unfailingly calls and catches us at just the right time. And more. 

It is in this Trust we live and serve. We on Vestry are grateful for you all. 

Chris Sherratt 

Senior Warden