Gen 18:1-14
Ps 15
Col 1:21-29
Luke 10:38-42

Fr. Nathan Baxter

The River’s Edge Sharing Garden Group will be hosting the first “Sharing Supper” (a potluck) this Sunday, July 21st in St. Aidan’s at 6 pm.  Along with sharing a meal together, we will spend time prayerfully considering the many opportunities that have presented themselves to us, in just the last few weeks and in building relationships with other churches and community partners as well as neighbors and students. We hope you can make it! All are welcome! Our motto is: “If you eat, You’re in!”  If you can’t make it, please hold us in your prayers. Our prayer (and praise) points are below:

  • We were offered 4 raised beds to plant in Downtown Amesbury near the Carriagetown Museum on Water St. near the river’s edge
  • We’ve had an interest by the Rock Church to perhaps partner with us (for manpower) in bringing Edible Landscaping to the town of Amesbury
  • Cider Hill Farm has expressed interest in helping us and offering to host a gathering to ask community members to partner with us
  • We hosted the first-ever cooking class with the AHS Transition Team and the students using produce from the garden (praise)
  • We have an opportunity this week to share the garden vision with Market Street Baptist Church, Holy Family, and Rock Church.
  • Our garden signs came in (praise) and look great!
  • We are so thankful for the many opportunities and interest from outside our church walls, and for your prayers. Please also pray how you can join us and help us grow!

Patty Champion             Cindy Carter

Janet McBrien               Grace Spaulding

Michele Estey                 Maryann Wilson

Many of you may be wondering exactly what is the “vision” for the Sharing Garden? And why are we thinking about expanding into the town? As many of you know the Sharing Garden started as a garden for the ESL class, and as we prayed about this with others (vestry, gardeners, and prayer partners) before we even started, one of our Missionaries, Jim Breneman, in Costa Rica shared this TED TALK. Watching the video blew the lid off of what we thought was possible if we allow God to take control and not try to control the garden ourselves. We have been working quietly in prayer with this vision for a while, and suddenly this year we have had a lot of interest, opportunities, and growth. Please watch the video below. It is 13 minutes long, entertaining, funny, inspiring and replicable. When you hear her say, “Invest in Kindness” we are saying, “ Invest in relationships, sharing the love of Jesus with people in our community with our hands and feet in service” and when she says, “Ourselves” we say, “With God and the direction of the Holy Spirit”.