Isa 6:1-7
Ps 29
Rev 4:1-11
John 16:5-15

Fr. Nathan Baxter


Greetings, All Saints,

In the midst of this season of our full and busy parish life, I’d like to provide a brief overview of recent Vestry work. Our March Retreat provided the opportunity to pray and identify both aspirations and practical projects. A snapshot of our work at mid-year includes:

  • With many of you, preparing for Amesbury Days and continuing to build relationships with our Amesbury neighbors and community
  • Reviewing resources and completing safety assessments provided by our GuideOne insurance provider, including a safety course
  • With the help of Property Team folks, Patty Champion and others, continuing to upgrade kitchen toward recertification with the Board of Health enabling us to prepare and serve food from the kitchen.
  • With Clergy and CAF Team, reviewing the Sheep of Good Shepherd program and plan for Fall, and Summer program.
  • With a nod to former Warden Paul Aganski, implementation of a RAIL (Rolling Action Item List) to address suggestions from our 2018 Financial Review, and make improvements in future communications with the parish in this area
  • The always ongoing, often behind-the-scenes work on our buildings and grounds, including the wrap up of ESL, the River’s Edge Sharing Garden, and refreshed spaces in St Aidan’s
  • Establishment of a one-year pilot Council to provide a connection between ASAC Vestry and ADNE Standing Committee.

On behalf of Vestry, I’d like to thank each of you who serves our church. And I encourage you to reach out to these dedicated leaders with whom  I am privileged to serve: Alan Carter, Patty Champion, Elizabeth Craig, Robert Ebersole, Nathan Etu, Amanda Gonnella, Ticia Hill-Ziegler, Bruce McBrien, and Michael Mayo, Fr Nathan Baxter. Let them know what’s on your mind, and pray for us.

~Chris Sherratt, Senior Warden