Acts 13:14b-16, 26-39

Num 27:12-23

Ps 100 Rev 7:9-17

John 10:22-30


Fr. Bill Blomquist

Amesbury is a city with a population of 17,430 (2016). Historically, a former farming and mill town, it has become primarily residential and continues to attract individuals and families from around the North Shore and from New Hampshire. Many (perhaps most) need a living relationship with Jesus.

We are a church that welcomes all, worships God, trains together, and shares the Gospel in the way of Jesus.  We are a church that is situated in the middle of the city of Amesbury- between our neighbors James Place and Innovation High School, next to local grocer Vermettes, and across from Town Hall and the Amesbury Police and Fire Dept. We are people who, by God’s great love, enjoy a loving relationship with Jesus.

Over the last several years, through the BLESS series in the Fall, through the work of the vestry’s CAF taskforce (Connecting with Amesbury Families), and through prayers for our Amesbury community, our mission of “sharing the Gospel in the way of Jesus” has begun to unfold and develop momentum.

Over the last year, ASAC has partnered with various organizations in town, sponsoring and participating in community events. These have included Amesbury Days, Kids Day in the Park, Kids Day at the Farm, Winterfest, PACT (Partnership for Amesbury Community and Teens), AHS Spaces events, Transition Team, Chamber of Commerce, and other formal and informal partnerships. We have been working to develop relationships in town and find ways that we as a church can continue contributing to the needs of and care for our community.

We’re developing momentum, not just in activity, but in relational trust and spiritual insight.

To sustain and increase that momentum, we need an intentional team of members from ASAC focused on outreach to our neighbors and the community of Amesbury.

An outreach team that will be working to deepen our vision, establish prayer-shaped goals, and encourage action steps that we all can partner in. The Outreach Team will not be acting “on behalf” of the church while the rest of us look on. They will be the catalysts for unified, full-congregation effort and investment–empowered through prayer and practical in nature.

On May 19th during Cross Training, Fr. Nathan and member of the CAF taskforce will host an informational meeting about the vision and mission of this outreach team. We’ll set our sights on some upcoming opportunities (Amesbury Days; the “River’s Edge Garden”). We’ll also begin to think long-term towards our year-long engagement and mission in our community.

If you are interested in learning more, praying for, and getting involved in this Outreach Team, come on May 19th (after we celebrate our graduates) to get started.

Let’s be on the move, together!