Early this summer (June 17-23, 2019) Fr. Craig Vickerman will be leading over a dozen ADNE youth to the ACNA Provincial Youth Gathering (PYG) being held in Dallas Texas. The Vickerman family (Fr. Craig, Anna, Alethea and Andrew) were a vital part of our All Saints community during Craig’s time at seminary, and now serve at All Saints Attleboro.

The PYG presents us with a direct opportunity to support youth in our Diocese with funds, prayers, and commitment to the constant hope of enabling more young people to follow and deepen their walks with Jesus.

Our vestry has established a “Growing Young” fund in our budget to invest in developing the leadership and discipleship of young people in our church and diocese. We’ve committed $500 toward supporting the youth who are participating in the PYG. Would you consider adding you financial support as well? We’d love to reach and exceed $1000 to bless these young people and to encourage Craig’s excellent leadership with youth in our diocese.

If you’re led to give, please make a check to ASAC, and write “Provincial Youth Gathering” in the memo line. Our treasurer, Nate Etu, will write one check on behalf of ASAC to the diocesan fundraising effort.

Our vestry is pleased to partner with ASAC member Rachel Danley in her ministry of training and equipping disciples. In the Fall of 2019, she will be entering a three-year doctoral program in New Testament at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Read more about Rachel’s ministry the ASAC blog posting titled “Renewed Callings.”

ASAC will be providing Rachel with financial infrastructure and oversight in the form of a giving platform ( and a funds-held account within our bookkeeping. This will allow those who have been investing in Rachel’s ministry with InterVarsity over the past decade to continue supporting her in ministry in this new phase, while maintaining good fiscal oversight and transparency for her support.

Our campus partner, James Place, is holding a Yard Sale on Saturday April 27. They welcome donations from All Saints in their fundraising efforts. Donations may be placed on the porch of the Parish House. They cannot accept tv's, computers, or encyclopedia-type books that they would have to pay to get rid of if they don't sell. They can accept small furniture such as small chairs or end tables, but cannot accept recliners, couches, or other large furniture or appliances.

As a separate fundraiser, they are collecting bagged used clothing. They will be paid by the pound for the clothing they collect.

Each year, the churches of Amesbury gather in the Mill Yard to commemorate Palm Sunday and then walk in procession up Main Street, blessing each church as we pass by it. We'd like to encourage anyone wishing to do so to participate in this annual event. Usual start time is 9am, finishing typically by around 9:30.

HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE, April 14 through April 21
Palm-Passion Sunday, 9:30am
Maundy Thursday- 7:30pm
Good Friday Stations of the Cross--noon
Good Friday service - 7:30pm
Saturday Easter Vigil 7:30pm (Bp. Andrew Preacher; Fr. Nathan Celebrant)
Easter Sunday 9:30am (Fr. Nathan Preacher; Bp. Andrew Celebrant)

Since late June of 2018, we’ve had the privilege of Fr. Adam serving at ASAC and in the ADNE offices. He’s helped us develop more organized and consistent and smooth administrative work rhythms, provided splendid oversight of the regular communications (bulletins, blog, weekly emails, volunteer scheduling), and blessed us with his good humor and practical pastoral insight.

Fr. Adam has been serving with us essentially as a “missionary” of sorts--supported by a group of generous and committed fellow-Anglicans who wanted him to be able to work within the ADNE while Adam made the transition from deacon to priest. So we’ve been blessed by his high-quality ministry at no-cost in our own budget. We’re SO grateful!

Adam and Rebecca have been discerning possible next steps in ministry. After consulting with me (Fr. Nathan) and Bp. Bill, Adam has decided to step back from his ASAC and ADNE responsibilities in order to explore and develop a number of more long-term possibilities for his ministry. For now, the Gosnells are remaining at ASAC and in Amesbury (hooray!).