We were overwhelmed by the number of volunteers from our ADNE churches, especially from All Saints who were willing to give of their time and energy to ensure the Consecration of Bishop Andrew went smoothly last weekend.

We are so grateful to all of you who served in the kitchen, on Friday set-up, as parking attendants, along the sidewalks directing guests, ushering and greeting guests, running messages and errands, serving at the reception, and the “dirty dozen” who stayed to clean-up Innovation School and All Saints.

Comments from around the diocese bear witness to this past weekend being a major experience of our togetherness in ministry and sense of growing momentum in working together in our common mission in the gospel.

Since late June of 2018, we’ve had the privilege of Fr. Adam serving at ASAC and in the ADNE offices. He’s helped us develop more organized and consistent and smooth administrative work rhythms, provided splendid oversight of the regular communications (bulletins, blog, weekly emails, volunteer scheduling), and blessed us with his good humor and practical pastoral insight.

Fr. Adam has been serving with us essentially as a “missionary” of sorts–supported by a group of generous and committed fellow-Anglicans who wanted him to be able to work within the ADNE while Adam made the transition from deacon to priest. So we’ve been blessed by his high-quality ministry at no-cost in our own budget. We’re SO grateful!

Adam and Rebecca have been discerning possible next steps in ministry. After consulting with me (Fr. Nathan) and Bp. Bill, Adam has decided to step back from his ASAC and ADNE responsibilities in order to explore and develop a number of more long-term possibilities for his ministry. For now, the Gosnells are remaining at ASAC and in Amesbury (hooray!).

Please join us downstairs following the service on April 7th for a Celebration Sunday, a meal and opportunity to celebrate what God is doing among us. This month, we will be highlighting Vestry planning retreat and sharing testimonies of blessing from our Lenten Home Group conversations.

Each year, the churches of Amesbury gather in the Mill Yard to commemorate Palm Sunday and then walk in procession up Main Street, blessing each church as we pass by it. We’d like to encourage anyone wishing to do so to participate in this annual event. Usual start time is 9am, finishing typically by around 9:30.

HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE, April 14 through April 21
Palm-Passion Sunday, 9:30am
Maundy Thursday- 7:30pm
Good Friday Stations of the Cross–noon
Good Friday service – 7:30pm
Saturday Easter Vigil 7:30pm (Bp. Andrew Preaching)
Easter Sunday 9:30am (Bp. Andrew Celebrating)