Ex 3:1-15
Psalm 103:1-12
1 Corinthians 10:1-13
Luke 11:37-54

Fr. Nathan Baxter

This coming Sunday, we will resume our Lenten series. In the sermon I’ll be exploring how our intellectual capital—our creativity and know-how—flows from and to the Love of God by the Holy Spirit. Cross Training will provide further opportunity to take stock of our intellectual capital, and Home Groups will continue conversation sparked by the book, Oikonomics.

Even as I look forward, I’m still filled with gratitude and joy from witnessing over last weekend the five-fold wealth God has entrusted to the people of our church and of our diocese. Thinking in terms of our Lenten sermon and training series:

Many invested their physical capital for the blessing of others. So much time and energy from so many made each special day possible.

Many invested in and developed relational capital through collaborating. So many worked graciously together in trust, and many old and new connections were strengthened.

Many invested intellectual capital to shape and sustain the events. Creativity and know-how in tremendous variety came together in logistics, plans, movement, music, words, photos, videos, set-up, clean up, directing, helping, caring, cooking, preparing, serving—too many activities involving more knowledge and skill than I can possibly name.

Many invested financial capital to support and bless. Financial contributions and generous access to assets—thank you Holy Family Parish and Trinity Church for space, equipment, furnishings, technology, sacred vessels!—all making the celebrations beautiful and abundant.

Many invested spiritual capital to bless and encourage. Such Godly wisdom and Kingdom power, such love and joy in the Spirit, was among us and shaping of the events.

To adapt the prayer I introduced three weeks ago, I believe it’s deeply fitting for us to pray:
“That which we are, and the way that we are
With all our gifts of nature and of grace
You have given us, O Lord; and you are
All this. We offer it all to you,
Principally to praise you,
And to help our fellow Christians and your world”