Energy & Time—“All In” with Jesus in our Physical “Capital”–Lent 1, March 10, 2019


Deut 26:5-11
Ps 91:9-16
Rom 10:4-13
Luke 4:1-13

Father Nathan Baxter

March 10th Lent 1: Energy & Time—“All In” with Jesus in our Physical “Capital”  

Where does your time flow during an average week?

How much time do you spend daily (on average) sleeping? eating? working? caring for others? volunteering? recreating? upkeeping household resources?

How much energy do you have in the morning? mid-day? evening? when sick? when rested?

These questions aren’t meant to provoke anxiety or guilt. They’re meant to spark reflection on one of the most basic forms of “capital” that every human being has: physical resources of time and energy.

In the sermon this week, I’ll be reflecting on the “investment” challenges that Jesus faced during his time of testing in the wilderness. Then, in Cross Training, we’ll take the opportunity to consider how we might invest our time and energy in pursuit of the Kingdom of God. I hope you’ll make time to stay for Cross Training, because you might be intrigued by the information we’ll look at from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on how Average Americans spend their time, and you might be surprised by what “investing” time and energy in God’s Kingdom does not necessarily mean. We’ll consider ways that two “spiritual disciplines”–“Slowing” and “Fixed-Hour Prayer”–might play a role for us as we undertake “all in pursuit of God’s Kingdom in Jesus” this lenten season.

  • Please join us for Cross Training: Taking Stock of Time

  • Home Groups: Oikonomics, chapters 1 & 2

  • Spiritual Disciplines to Practice: Fixed-Hour Prayer & Slowing

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