“All In”: Pursuit of God’s Kingdom in Jesus


Ex 34:29-35
Ps 99
1 Cor 12:27-13:13
Luke 9:28-36

Father Nathan Baxter

During the season of Lent, Christians across the centuries have found a variety of ways to focus their lives more intentionally in imitation of Jesus’ works, words, and ways. This year at All Saints, we will be exploring ways that we can live “All In” with Jesus.

A prayer from the 14th century Book of Privy Counsel expresses the direction we’ll be taking:

“That which I am, and the way that I am
with all my gifts of nature and grace
You have given me, O Lord, and You are all this
I offer it all to You, principally to praise You
and to help my fellow Christians and myself”

“I offer it all to You…”—these words well characterize the entire life of Jesus, especially as he “set his face toward Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) and made his way to the Cross to die with us, for us, and as us. In the words of Ephesians 5:2, “Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”

“That which I am, and the way that I am…”—how might we steadily, methodically, and intentionally offer our “all” in pursuit of God’s Kingdom and Righteousness? A slender and practical book Mike Breen and Ben Sternke will provide guidance. It’s called Oikonomics: How to Invest Life’s Five Capitals the Way Jesus Did (copies are on order and will be available for every household in the parish). The book explores five forms of “capital” that every person and community can invest: physical, relational, intellectual, financial, and spiritual.

Each week during Lent, the Sermon, Cross-Training and Home Group will explore another dimension of what “All In” pursuit of God’s Kingdom in Jesus can mean for us, as individuals and as a family together on mission. Click here to view the schedule of the series and how it will all fit together.


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