Preparing for Consecration


Genesis 45:3-11, 21-28
Psalm 37:8-17
1 Corinthians 15:35-49
Luke 6:27-38

Father Nathan Baxter

As the whole diocese prepares for the consecration of Bishop-Elect Andrew, I want to provide an overview of what the weekend will be like for us as an ASAC community and of how the plans for the Saturday consecration and the Sunday service are taking shape.
I’m the chair of the Executive Planning Team, and working with all the team leaders who are preparing for the consecration. We have been and will be recruiting volunteers from all around the diocese to participate in the work before, during, and after this important occasion. Bishop-Elect Andrew is deeply humbled and profoundly eager to answer this call into ministry among us. We have a great team working together to consecrate him and the whole diocese in this new season. One of the keynotes of the planning team is our aim to do all things “with one heart and one voice.”
The consecration weekend of March 15-17, 2019 will be both easier and trickier than the Cathedral consecration we experienced in June 2016.
It will be easier because there will be less work on the shoulders of our ASAC family, we have excellent diocesan planning-teams working, and the services are much simpler.
It will be somewhat trickier because we are expecting a much greater number of people to attend (400+), and the weather in March takes away outdoor options for people-movements and for reception logistics.
Here are the main activities happening:
Friday (3/15/19)    = Rehearsal for the Consecration; Retirement Celebration for Bishop Bill (invitation dinner).
Saturday (3/16/19) = Consecration of New Bishop, and Reception Celebration (open to all)
Sunday (3/17/19)   = Bishop’s First Service at the Cathedral, and Cathedral Reception (open to all)
The majority of the activity will be happening on Saturday. People and Teams from around the Diocese will be available and helping out on Friday and on Saturday. Most of the diocesan, provincial, and international visitors will be returning home on Saturday. Sunday will be a special day for our All Saints community and for the Williams’ family and friends.
Each Team for Saturday’s consecration has a Point Person who is coordinating things related to their area of responsibility.
  • Property Preparation (spaces clean and ready, coordinating clean-up): Joel Zeigler
  • Communications (invitations, registration, PR): Francis Capitanio
  • Liturgics (service flow, people movements for service): Nathan Baxter
  • Music (musical teams, tech for sound and visuals): Dave Edwards (Trinity Church Greenwich, music & arts director)
  • Food and Receptions (food prep, presentation, service): Andy Visser (ADNE Standing Committee, professional chef and caterer)
  • Logistics (parking, ushers, people-movements, security, resource-allocation) : Kelly Lally (Trinity Church Greenwich, admin. assistant to Bp.-Elect Andrew)
All Saints volunteers will be needed in three main ways:
  1. Helping Joel Zeigler and others to do small, special projects between now and March 9th to prepare the campus.
  2. Participating in a Campus Cleanup Day on March 9th to have all spaces ready for use on the consecration weekend. Much of the work will be indoors in the Church building and in the School. Some of the work will be outdoors (as weather permits).
  3. On Saturday March 16, we’ll need ushers, parking attendants, point-people to direct diocesan volunteers in setup and clean-up, reception-serving volunteers, and a few “problem-solvers” to address small snags that may arise (such as a reload of paper-towels, help for a person needing assistance navigating steps, running a message between team leaders, etc.)
I will be contacting our ministry leaders to help me connect our volunteers with others from the diocese who will be working on the day of the consecration.
Pray eagerly and, as the Holy Spirit stirs you, volunteer where and when you are able.
Fr. Nathan
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