A New Direction


Isa 62:1-5
Ps 96
1 Cor 12:1-11
John 2:1-11

Fr Nathan Baxter

A New Direction: Or, How A Fine Young Man Found Himself in Paraguay

by Ticia Hill-Zeigler

The young man had been wondering about the direction of his life. As a teacher in high school, he knew he enjoyed his work—and yet, something was gnawing at his peace of mind. He was at the beginning of his career and he loved Portland, Oregon—the town where he went to school and now was teaching in. 

Work was demanding, but it was good. Meanwhile, about a year and a half earlier, for a summer, he had taught at a mission school in Paraguay, a Latin American nation in need of educators. It had been a wonderful experience, but at the same time, it was not easy to grasp the greater significance of that summer. However, soon it was going to be made clear. Tim got an email. And it would alter his direction in life.

Tim Revett, who grew up in Amarillo, Texas and graduated from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, was invited to return to Paraguay. He was invited not just to teach, but to help train Paraguayan teachers to take over and lead their school. The mission school sought to help Paraguayans have a vision for education. Education was a crucial element in improving the lives of hard working people who, nevertheless, found themselves with relatively limited options. In addition, the mission school helped their students understand that life also had a spiritual dimension and that dimension ultimately was found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the ten years of teaching and working in Paraguay, Tim’s work indeed has taken him in a new direction. About eight years ago, Tim met and married Margarita, a Paraguayan and a special education teacher. Tim and Margarita have three children, Ana (7), Antoine (4), and Gabrielli (18 months). The mission school now is being staffed and led by Paraguayans. As a result, Tim and Margarita have turned their attention to another new direction: to teach and work with the Guarani, the indigenous people of Paraguay. The Guarani live in abject poverty and have few options offered to them by the Paraguayan government. Their needs are great and Tim and Margarita’s challenge is to help the Guarani find and make better opportunities for their lives. As teachers and Gospel planters, they work to offer life skills which tangibly help and bring about hope for the Guarani.

Last year, Tim and Margarita became new missionaries of All Saints and they work though United World Missions. This Sunday, January 20, Tim and Margarita, along with their children, will be joining us at the worship service. Following the service, they will have the time during Coffee Hour/Cross Training to better introduce themselves and to answer in more detail questions about their experiences and life work in Paraguay. You are kindly invited to join the All Saints community in welcoming Tim and Margarita Revett. Come with your thinking caps on.

One final note and with full disclosure: Tim is my nephew. I can attest he is a pretty good guy.

Sincerely, and in Christ’s Joy,

Ticia Hill-Zeigler

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