Improving ASAC Safety


Isa 42:1-9
Ps 89:20-29
Acts 10:34-38
Luke 3:15-22

Fr. Nathan Baxter

All Saints takes safety, security and risk management seriously. A number of church-targeted tragedies around the country over the past two years has underscored the importance of having good practices and plans in place. The Vestry established a Safety Task Force last year to consider and recommend improvements in our safety and security habits. They’ve been doing a great job of due diligence. One key recommendation is that we secure our church buildings during worship services, especially with children in the basement.

Beginning Sunday January 27th, after welcoming arrivals at the back of the church, at 9:45am an usher will be securing the two side doors into the basement and the two side doors into the Sanctuary. They will also secure the main doors into the church and position themselves to open doors for arrivals after that time.

All doors will remain secured for the remainder of the morning. After 9:45, anyone needing to enter or re-enter the building should plan to enter by the main door. Ushers will do their best to welcome you in quickly and unobtrusively.

We will make adjustments as needed. We are aware, for example, of the potential need for access into church via our ramp door after 9:45 for any with mobility concerns. The Vestry is working with the Safety Task-Force to make adjustments. We ask for your patience and collaboration as we strive to hold the twin values of welcoming people into the house of God and caring for those inside it. Thanks!   

–Your Vestry

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