Letting the Win Sink In


1 Sam. 7:1-14
Ps. 32
Rev. 12:10-12
Mark 5:24-34

Fr. Nathan Baxter

Letting the Win Sink In

All Saints Leadership

I (Fr Adam) am not very handy. So, when I do something like put up curtain rods or fix a door, when I’m done and I’m packing up my tools, Rebecca will sometimes walk over, hold my hand, and we’ll take 60 seconds to look in silence at what I’ve done, just to appreciate that I’ve done something well.

Today, as part of our cultivation of a culture of celebration, I’d like us to turn our attention to the All Saints Party. How far away it seems already, now, as we’re back to work, typing away, making to-do lists, losing sleep, and cleaning up spit-up. But our All Saints party was a win, and we’d like you to take a moment to let that soak in.

We live in a land where Christians, if they’re thought of at all, are conceived mostly as Puritans. Brooding, furrowed brow, grumpy, telling people “no” all the time. And in this land, All Saints  decided to celebrate her Name Day. We threw open our doors to the public, for a feast of food and singing and fun. It wasn’t an under-cover tent-meeting. It wasn’t “bait-and-switch evangelism.” It was a feast and everyone was invited.

That’s something.

And what’s more, it says something.

Imagine our message, from the outside. If this is the community that All Saints is, that All Saints is becoming, one that celebrates and sings and invites and welcomes, what must they think God is like? What is the spiritual life to a people who do this in their free time?

We can’t hold your hands. But we can look together at something we’ve done well. And we want you to let the win sink in.

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