God’s Flywheel


2 Kings 2:1-7
Psalm 72
Titus 2:11-14
Mark 10:46-52

Fr. Nathan Baxter

God’s Flywheel

Chris Sherratt

When God’s church is gathered in worship, it sometimes happens that we receive a special blessing in the form of a particular word from the Lord. Our practice at All Saints’ makes room for this after our Acclamation: “Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” As we continue to worship in song and prayer, we remember Jesus is with us and that the Holy Spirit is our Guide. If you were present this past Sunday, you know that God had such a word for us, and part of that was about a flywheel.

According to Wikipedia, a flywheel “is a mechanical device specifically designed to efficiently store rotational energy.” It can “smooth the power output” and “deliver energy at rates beyond the ability of an energy source.” You may be thinking this sounds rather technical for a word of prophecy but a bit further on, we learn the principle of the flywheel is found in the potter’s wheel. Jeremiah 18:5-6, anyone?

But God may want us to understand more about this matter of a flywheel. Back in April, Father Nathan described this image and I sketched one into my Vestry journal. We discussed and prayed: What could a flywheel look like in God’s church? If our life together is like a circle in motion, what are the places on our “circumference”—homegroups, community garden, All Saints’ party, ESL— where others can intersect with us? Perhaps we are the place they’d like to bring their children. Perhaps it’s something we have yet to discover. We should remember that each of us already carries with us a place of connection for our friends.

From sketches and prayers in April, to a word of prophecy shared in October, is God bringing us the image of the flywheel to remind us, that if people find even one place to land with us, He can and will grow that into more?

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