All members of our diocese are welcome and encouraged to attend. Clergy and Synod voting delegates are required to attend at least one of the three locations during the Walk-About.

Each visit will have the same basic protocol despite differences in locations and times. At each session, each Candidate will take about 30 minutes to respond to questions posed by the moderators. After both candidates have spoken, a reception will follow allowing delegates, clergy, and members of the diocese to interact more informally with the candidates and their wives.

Candidate will respond to 5 or 6 questions. 3 questions will be drawn from a set of questions asked by the CNB and made known to the candidates in advance. 2 or 3 questions will selected from a set of questions submitted by members of the diocese (laity, delegates, or clergy) which will not be made known to the candidates in advance.

If you would like to submit a question for consideration, visit:

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

In order to avoid duplicate questions, below are the six that will be asked by the CNB to the candidates for which they will have prepared answers:

  1. It’s clear that the ADNE needs to grow to become a sustainable diocese. What would you do as bishop to develop church plants that reach out to the un-churched of our New England states?
  2. What best practices would you recommend churches and the diocese adopt to incorporate youth into the life and leadership of the local church and the diocese.
  3. What aspects of your past experience have prepared you to be the bishop of this diocese?

  4. Do you have any particular thoughts about the challenges and opportunities  faced by the clergy of our diocese, including the many who are bi-vocational?

  5. Are there pieces of vision that the Lord has been giving you for the ADNE as you have been praying about this potential call?

  6. What is your vision for continuing to incorporate our international archdeaconries and to reflect the international realities of our diocese?