Deut 8:1-10
Ps 34: (1-7)8-15(16-22)
Eph 4:25-5:2
Jn 6:37-51

Fr. Nathan Baxter

Expanding Outreach

by Bruce Mcbrien

What does it mean to reach beyond what we have known in order to grow as a church?
It could mean stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing with someone about your faith.
It could also mean exploring new and exciting ways to meet people where they are…at home.

For some time now, our sermons have been available in audio form on our website. But, in the past few months, we have expanded our outreach by recording and producing video of our services for broadcast! Our first effort was to share our recordings on the ASAC Website, but with the help of local access TV we have been able to expand to include local cable.

Most recently, thanks to new technologies created by a local software developer, we now stream our services live on Facebook as well! (It took several months of trial and error, learning as we went, but we can now truly call this our new outreach ministry!) Having a Facebook presence means that we have a new way to reach our members. Imagine someone who, for one reason or another, cannot join us for the weekly service…and we’ve already had folk log in from as far away as California! As more members of our church view and share posted services, public awareness will grow, along with the potential to reach more and more households. And, since Facebook archives all our previous posts, our long-term hope is to be able to have a searchable online resource. Imagine needing a Word about grief, and being able to find a meaningful message about it in a matter of moments!

We could not have reached this point without our dedicated video team of Vanon and Nicholas who have been faithfully recording and producing our services each week. I thank them for their dedication in helping us to move in this direction, and hope that you share my excitement about this new ministry of outreach for All Saints!