Week of June 17, 2018

Giving   ::    Learning    ::    Preparing

Giving   ::    Learning    ::    Preparing

Giving ::  Learning  ::  Preparing


Ezek 31:1-14
Ps 92
2 Cor 5:1-10
Mk 4:26-34b

Kingdom Growth 101
Rev. McLean S. Rabb

Heading into Summer

Summer opportunities await us, for giving, learning, and preparing.

Giving. As we’ve been developing our new website, we’ve identified and launched a new online giving tool. It’s called Tithe.ly and it can be accessed on our website at allsaintsamesbury.org/give/. The tool is secure, easy to use (much simpler than the PayPal tool on the old website), and allows you to make both regular or occasional gifts. You can also set up automatic giving from your checking or savings accounts. Summer travels sometime disrupt our usual giving habits, so it might be a good season to try using this tool. Feel free to talk with Fr. Nathan, Paul Aganski (Treasurer), Chris Sherratt (Sr. Warden), or Nate Etu (Clerk) if you have any questions about Tithe.ly.

Learning. Summer is always a great time for reading books and connecting with people. The Vestry leadership has identified a book and established a”Connecting with Amesbury Families” Taskforce in order to keep taking practical steps grow in our capacity to welcome all and to share the gospel in our city.

Hopefully, your household has already picked up a copy of Growing Young (available in the back of the church). We’ll be reading and discussing it informally as a church over the summer.

The “Connecting with Amesbury Families” Taskforce will be pursuing a two-fold responsibility: A) to work during the summer to prepare ASAC for a Fall ministry-year restart that facilitates families and children’s entry and involvement in ASAC Sunday worship and B) to continue working during the fall to recommend ways to develop sustained corporate commitment to prioritizing young people in all aspects of ASAC life.

Taskforce members are: Chris Sherratt (chair), Fr. Nathan, Amy Nyhus, Cindy Carter, Phyllis Nakyejwe, and Cheryl Etu. They will work with others to identify and implement best-practices for family-connections and integration that could work in Amesbury and ASAC; and will provide Vestry with recommended goals to pursue in 2019 related to families and young people. The Taskforce will provide a progress report at each monthly Vestry from June through December of 2018. Please pray for them and talk with them.

Preparing. Summer time is not just down-time. It’s prep-time. We’re working on some simple ways that we can make Sunday mornings more predictable in length, accessible for kids, and empowering for during-the-week ministry. Working with our wardens Chris Sherratt and John Haile, Fr. Nathan has identified a couple of pattern-tweaks that we will try out during the summer time in preparation for the fall. We will be seeking constructive feedback on those tweaks so that we enter the Fall with shared vision and purpose, growing together in the way of Jesus.

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