Deut 5:6-21
Ps 81:1-16)
2 Cor 4:1-12
Mk 2:23-28

Embracing Fragility
Mthr. Piper Runnion-Bareford

“What would it be like for our church to become the people our grandkids want to be around?”

I heard that question last week from a young yet seasoned pastor from Utah. It was a question he began asking members of a small and aging congregation he’d been called to serve. It opened up other questions that the members of the congregation wanted to answer.

What do young people like my now-out-of-the-home children hope for in their lives? What do the parents of other people’s grandchildren need? What do teenage friends of my grandkids experience as everyday normal? Where do the invitations and challenges of Jesus-kind-of-life overlap with the needs and desires of ordinary peers of my children and grandchildren?

Such questions are best answered by interaction and experience. As that small congregation in Utah started answering those kinds of questions, they began to experience a renewal of outward reaching and practical love for neighbors. Their church started living more and more like a family on mission. It started with small but practical steps.

We have the opportunity to participate in two events with our Amesbury neighbors during the upcoming Amesbury Days. It’s a perfect way for us to grow as a Family on Mission.

On THURSDAY, June 28th KIDS DAY IN THE PARK from 10am to 2pm, we will be providing sno-cones and popcorn to kids and their parents, grandparents, and caregivers. In that context, we will be conducting an informal survey to get better acquainted with the hopes and needs and strengths in our community. Dozens of other organizations in the area that serve families will be there, providing activities, refreshments, information, and opportunities. It will be a natural-feeling context to be good neighbors in our community and to learn how to be better neighbors in the name of Jesus.

On SATURDAY, June 30th- KIDS DAY AT THE FARM from 10am to 1pm, we will be collaborating with Cider Hill Farm where children of all ages can participate in activities and crafts. Friends at the Farm have asked us to partner with them. We’ll be hosting a “come grow with us” table where kids can decorate a small planting pot, fill it with soil, and plant seeds to grow at home. We’ll be able to share about the community garden we’re developing here in town on our campus. It’s a great opportunity for building goodwill and trustworthiness, and for interacting with caregivers and kids to know them better.

We need plenty of friendly faces to greet our Amesbury neighbors at both events. A sign-up will be available during June 10th Celebration Sunday.

And, we need plenty of prayer for eyes to see and ears to hear the hearts of people, neighbors in and around Amesbury, who need to be part of the Family of God.