Acts 2:1-11
Ps 104:25-32
1 Cor 12:4-13
Jn 14:8-17

Even Greater Things
Fr. Nathan Baxter

Praying for Election of a New Bishop

On Saturday, May 26, two important events will be unfolding on our campus. We will be hosting a Diocesan Day of Prayer in the Sanctuary in preparation for the process of electing a new Bishop. The occasion for this Day of Prayer is a meeting of the Committee on Nominations for Bishop (CNB) in which they will prayerfully draw up the final slate of candidates for bishop.

I invite you to join with others from around the diocese to pray together for on the 26th from 10AM to 2PM. The Rev. Len Cowan, our Diocesan Intercessor, has developed a guide for the prayer day (ADNE Day of Prayer 5-26-18). It provides an outline of what the day will look like, and can be used individually if you are not able to attend.

If you cannot come that day in person, you can join for an hour via video conference at 11AM (URL: If you have any more questions regarding this intercessory prayer process or day, please email Fr. Len Cowan at

Update on the Election Process

The members of the CNB have been working diligently each week since the 2017 Synod in November. Led by Mthr. Susie Skillen, the CNB has written a Profile of the ADNE, a Profile of the Bishop of the ADNE, received multiple nominations, interviewed around a dozen candidates, and prayed faithfully throughout the process. They are poised now to draw up the final slate of candidates, to be presented to the ADNE Standing Committee by May 31. (Read more about the process and read the documents here)

The names of those final candidates must remain confidential for a period of time so that each candidate will be able to notify the churches and organizations where they currently serve. This is an understandably delicate time as the candidate’s communities consider the implications of potentially having to release a beloved person to serve as Bishop in the ADNE.

Information about the candidates will become public in late summer or early fall. Delegates, congregations, and clergy will be able to interact with the candidate during the Diocesan “Walk About” on October 4th through 6th.

People to Pray for:

Committee on Nominations for Bishop (CNB): Bill Harper, Amy Howard, Jeff Newman, Cn. Susie Skillen (chair), Rev. Micah Thomson, Rev. Leah Turner, Anna Vickerman

ADNE Standing Committee: Rev. Dorcas Albrecht, Rev. Cinnamon Blomquist, Cn. Alex Cameron, Bob Craig (chair), Gail Gardner, Bill Harper, Jim Leach, Rt. Rev. Bill Murdoch (president), Rev. Piper Runnion-Bareford, Andy Visser,

ASAC Lay Delegates for Synod: Chris Sherratt (Sr. Warden), Joan McKean, Phyllis Nakyejwe

Important Events for Preparatory Prayer

Diocesan Day of Prayer                                                 26-May-2018

CNB presents final slate of candidates to the ADNE Standing Committee          31-May-2018

Diocesan Day of Prayer                                             22-Sep-2018

Diocesan “Walk About” for candidates             4, 5, 6 Oct 2018

Episcopal Election (Synod 2018)                                17-Nov-2018

College of Bishops Ratify Candidate                           9-Jan-2019

ADNE Episcopal Consecration                                    16-Mar-2019