Dear All Saints Community,

We are back home in Kisoro and trying to get a regular routine down with having two little ones in the house. We would like to take a break from ministry for a little while but that is not how the culture works here. I will be preaching for St. Mark’s Day on April 25th and then will be preparing for ordination on May 6th. My parents and my aunt are coming for a visit in 2 weeks to meet the baby and to be here for my ordination. We also have Bishop Bill Murdoch joining us for the ordination service from the Anglican Diocese in New England back home. Ryan is still working on the rabbit project for the Batwa Community but is having some trouble with the breeding process. We will have some others back from Australia to help with the Batwa Community later this summer. Thank you for all of your prayers and financial donations so far in our journey. Please continue to pray for us in this new phase in our life and ministry.”


The Johnson Family – Ryan, Jillian, Matthew, and Aveline

Prayer requests:

Please hold the Johnson family in prayer as they adjust to their growing family, as they prepare for family guests, arriving clergy, and for Jillian as she prepares for her ordination. Please pray for traveling mercies for our Bishop Bill Murdoch  and for Jillian’s parents and aunt as they travel to Uganda.