Easter 2, Week of April 8, 2018


The first part of the mission statement at All Saints is “a Family on Mission that Welcomes all”. However, even before this became part of our mission statement, I knew it to be true. We have been attending All Saints for 22 years and from the first Sunday we walked into the church in West Newbury our family decided that this would be our new church family. The liturgy was very different from what we had been used to so it took a little time to adjust. We are grateful to the Skillens for inviting us and for folks like the Carters who made us feel welcomed. We are glad that we stayed. During that fall there was a Ministry Fair and this seemed like a good opportunity to get involved and get to know more people. We decided that usher/greeter would be the best way to do this and something we could do together.

We soon discovered that the ushers play an important role in the overall flow of the service. We begin by greeting each person entering the sanctuary and giving them a bulletin. We take attendance, collect the offerings, present the elements for communion, and guide each row of parishioners to receive communion. Following the service we take the opportunity to locate who might be new to All Saints so to welcome them to the church. However, this is not just an usher’s responsibility. We have found that so many others in our church greet new folks and invite them to coffee hour before we get there.

We are always looking for more folks to be part of this important ministry. If you are interested in participating in the usher/greeter ministry, we would love to have you join us. Talk to me any Sunday.

On May 6th there is an important opportunity for us as a congregation to welcome the whole Amesbury community. On that day we will be hosting the Choral Festival as part of the 350th Anniversary Celebration of the town. This is a special opportunity for us to live our calling as a “Family on Mission that Welcomes All”. Please join us after the service on April 8th to learn more.


Kathy Zingarelli

Usher/Greeter Coordinator

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