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This month, we as a community pray for and highlight our new missionaries, Fr. Evan Pillsbury and his family serving in Portland, ME.

Fr. Evan Pillsbury is the priest at Light of Christ Anglican Church, an ADNE church plant serving the Greater Portland area, with his wife Kathryn and three kids, Silas, Simeon, and Karis. He is a native Mainer, his family having lived in the Greater Portland area for generations. He began his ministry work in Portland in 2002, was confirmed at All Saints in 2010, and was ordained at All Saints (alongside Fr. Nathan Baxter). The first gathering of Light of Christ was in 2013, in a friend’s living room. Their vision is: “Christ’s light set aflame in every community and culture in Greater Portland”.  Over 71% of Greater Portland has no religious affiliation, an increase of 12% in just the last decade, and Light of Christ was formed especially to reach the “educated secularists” that represent the leading culture of the city. They are working to rediscover what it means to be the “family of God on mission” to neighbors, friends and colleagues.

Ministry Updates:

  • Light of Christ is participating in 3DM ministry. We are encouraged by how God is growing us in our character and skill in discipleship and mission.
  • Kathryn now is training under Mthr. Susie Skillen to become a Spiritual Director.
  • We want to thank All Saints for being a great blessing and resource to us through our visits, diocesan hosting, and so much more.  You have been great spiritual parents to us as we’ve entered life and ministry in the Anglican Way. Thank you for your continued friendship, support, and love.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for “Babette’s Feast” in its off-Broadway transfer from Portland to NYC in March.  Abbie Killeen from Light of Christ is the conceiver and developer of the play.
  • Please pray for us to continue experiencing “being the family of God” through our weekly Sunday Morning Prayer & brunches.
  • Pray for us to grow in the ways of Jesus, in hearing God’s voice, and obeying, as we gather in our small group “Huddles” which are a key vehicle for our growth as a mission.  
  • Please pray for God’s leading.  Now 4+ years into the mission, we are listening for God’s call regarding our future as a still small, but love-filled mission.  Pray for God’s provision and leading for us as community and for each of us individually.

~ The Pillsbury Family

Weekly Email for Lent 3 March 4, 2018

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