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1207, 2018

Week of July 15, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Amos 7:7-15 Ps 85 Eph 1:1-14 Mark 6:7-13 SERMON Can't We All Get Along? Fr. Ross Kimball At Home, As the ChurchBeing away on vacation has its attractions, but returning home holds—for me at least—a deeper kind of refreshing.  During vacation, I’ve been making my way through a splendid book by Martin Thornton called, English Spirituality: An Outline of Ascetically Theology According to the English Pastoral Tradition. It’s a lumbering title for a helpful and “homely” description of a way—a tradition—of being Christian. English Spirituality (expressed in a variety of ways of being Anglican) has at its core, pursuit of life in Christ as “the art of living as fully, creatively, and indeed as joyfully, as mankind is capable” (p. 25). It’s attuned to the “homely” character of life in Christ.  “Homely” needs a bit of explanation.      In the 14th century English tradition where that term comes into focus, “homely” means: “habitual, and therefore constant, calm, and, . . . stable. … Christian joy is truly expressed, not primarily in ecstasy but in tranquillitas, in domestic harmony, in sure hope and devotion.”  It's day-to-day home-goodness, not exceptional vacation excitement. “Homeliness” means that the reality and truths of the [...]

2706, 2018

Providence & Gratitude–Week of July 1, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Deut 15:7-11 Ps 112 2 Cor 8:1-15 Mk 5:22-43 SERMON Mthr. Susie Skillen Providence and Gratitude When providential provision opens welcome opportunity—it’s time to give thanks. So join in giving thanks for the providences that are bringing a new family into our fellowship at ASAC: Adam and Rebecca Gosnell and their two children, Joseph (2 years) and Violet (4 months). Dcn. Adam relates a super-short version of their story: “My curacy [at CTR] was coming to an end this summer, and the plan was for me to begin a side-by-side priesthood-chaplaincy in Kingston, NH. But, late in the process, that job fell through. We’d already signed a lease for an apartment in Amesbury…. It was a rough couple of weeks. But, in the end, I found a job working with the Boston Fellows and I raised enough support to fund work for Bishop Bill, some at the Cathedral and some at the Diocese.” A few months before that, Cheryl Etu and I were taking stock together of the opportunities in Amesbury and the time constraints we face in the office. We were wishing there were a way to take some [...]

2206, 2018

Week of June 24, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Job 38:1-11 & 16-18 Ps 107:1-3 & 23-32 2 Cor 5:14-21 Mk 4:35-41 SERMON Weathering the Storms Fr. Lance Williams Conversational Popcorn and Flowerpots Who are my neighbors? Do they have kids? Grandkids? What do our neighbors care about? Hope for? For themselves? Their kids? Their city? How would we get to know such things, and what could we be and do, if we knew? It's been said that listening is one of the most basic ways we practice loving. If that's true (and I think it is), asking questions that get others talking can be the start of loving our neighbors. At Kids Day in the Park, ASAC will be there offering popcorn and sno-cones and a context for getting-to-know-our-neighbors conversation. It's a context where it's safe and sane to ask questions and to listen and to learn. At Kids Day at the Farm, ASAC will be there providing an activity for kids--decorate a terra cotta flowerpot and plant seeds in soil. It's a context where it's simple to laugh and serve and to listen and ask questions and learn. We're still welcoming volunteers to come help with both events (see the [...]

1406, 2018

Week of June 17, 2018

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Giving   ::    Learning    ::    Preparing Giving   ::    Learning    ::    Preparing Giving ::  Learning  ::  Preparing THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Ezek 31:1-14 Ps 92 2 Cor 5:1-10 Mk 4:26-34b SERMON Kingdom Growth 101 Rev. McLean S. Rabb Heading into Summer Summer opportunities await us, for giving, learning, and preparing. Giving. As we've been developing our new website, we've identified and launched a new online giving tool. It's called and it can be accessed on our website at The tool is secure, easy to use (much simpler than the PayPal tool on the old website), and allows you to make both regular or occasional gifts. You can also set up automatic giving from your checking or savings accounts. Summer travels sometime disrupt our usual giving habits, so it might be a good season to try using this tool. Feel free to talk with Fr. Nathan, Paul Aganski (Treasurer), Chris Sherratt (Sr. Warden), or Nate Etu (Clerk) if you have any questions about Learning. Summer is always a great time for reading books and connecting with people. The Vestry leadership has identified a book and established [...]

706, 2018

A Missions Update from Piper Runnion-Bareford (Week of June 10, 2018)

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Gen 3:1-21 Ps 130 2 Cor 4:13-18 Mk 3:20-35 SERMON Jesus' Family on Mission Fr. Nathan Baxter THIS WEEK CELEBRATION SUNDAY “I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing of you among the peoples. For great is your love, higher than the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be over all the earth.” Psalm 108:3-5 My heart is full as I approach the end of four years serving at Imago Dei Anglican Church in Bangor, Maine. The last month has given me a chance to step back and see all the ways I have experienced the love, faithfulness and power of God in this place! A deep place of joy for me is seeing the mountains the Lord has moved to establish the children’s discipleship at Imago. This year ImagoKids has grown to forty kids under twelve on Sunday mornings. Together with the kids team I have built materials for two worship spaces, one for kids 3 to 6, and the other for kids 6 to 12. As someone who likes to build things I feel much personal [...]

106, 2018

Week of June 3, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Deut 5:6-21 Ps 81:1-16) 2 Cor 4:1-12 Mk 2:23-28 SERMON Embracing Fragility Mthr. Piper Runnion-Bareford "What would it be like for our church to become the people our grandkids want to be around?" I heard that question last week from a young yet seasoned pastor from Utah. It was a question he began asking members of a small and aging congregation he'd been called to serve. It opened up other questions that the members of the congregation wanted to answer. What do young people like my now-out-of-the-home children hope for in their lives? What do the parents of other people's grandchildren need? What do teenage friends of my grandkids experience as everyday normal? Where do the invitations and challenges of Jesus-kind-of-life overlap with the needs and desires of ordinary peers of my children and grandchildren? Such questions are best answered by interaction and experience. As that small congregation in Utah started answering those kinds of questions, they began to experience a renewal of outward reaching and practical love for neighbors. Their church started living more and more like a family on mission. It started with small but practical steps. [...]