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1504, 2018

Johnsons, Uganda Update April 2018

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On April 8th, Jillian and Ryan Johnson, ASAC missionaries in Uganda, welcomed daughter, Aveline Theresa Johnson at 7 lbs, 19 inches with just Ryan and a midwife attending. FROM THE JOHNSONS SERVING IN UGANDA Thank you for the gift that was collected during last week’s Celebration Sunday. “This is such great news and a huge blessing to our family right now as we are growing. I can't believe the generosity of the people at All Saints and the way that God is using you all to bless us.  Please thank everybody for us for their gifts and their prayers. We would love to hear from people directly if they want to email us or send us letters in the mail. We are always encouraged just by people taking the time to communicate with us.” Sending Packages: We want to hear from people back home about your lives and happenings back in the United States so please write to us via email at this email address or you can write and send small packages to this address: Diocese of Muhabura C/O Ryan and Jillian Johnson P.O. Box 22 Kisoro, Uganda We might not get back to you right [...]

1204, 2018

And He Opened Their Minds to Understand the Scriptures

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On day one of his Resurrected life, Jesus invested time helping his close friends see and believe that he’d risen from death. He also invested time helping them anchor that reality-changing fact of the resurrection in the reality-revealing truth of the Scriptures. On the Emmaus road and in the upper-room in Jerusalem on that first-day-of-the-week, Jesus drove home the same point: “This is what I told you while I was still with you: Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms” (Luke 24:44; see also verses 25-27). Despite all Jesus had taught and done before being crucified, even his very best students needed spiritual opening-up: “Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures” (verse 45). Even we who are familiar (perhaps over-familiar) with the fact of Resurrection need our minds and hearts opened up, more and more broadly and deeply. Do we ask God to do that for us? They also needed a big-picture plan for making sense of the details: “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to [...]

804, 2018

Easter 2, Week of April 8, 2018

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Greetings, The first part of the mission statement at All Saints is “a Family on Mission that Welcomes all”. However, even before this became part of our mission statement, I knew it to be true. We have been attending All Saints for 22 years and from the first Sunday we walked into the church in West Newbury our family decided that this would be our new church family. The liturgy was very different from what we had been used to so it took a little time to adjust. We are grateful to the Skillens for inviting us and for folks like the Carters who made us feel welcomed. We are glad that we stayed. During that fall there was a Ministry Fair and this seemed like a good opportunity to get involved and get to know more people. We decided that usher/greeter would be the best way to do this and something we could do together. We soon discovered that the ushers play an important role in the overall flow of the service. We begin by greeting each person entering the sanctuary and giving them a bulletin. We take attendance, collect the offerings, present the elements for communion, and [...]

104, 2018

Jack Melvin, Honduras Update April 2018

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From Honduras   Serving the poor... Tegucigalpa 1 April 2018 He has risen indeed!  Alleluia! ¡Cristo ha resucitado! ¡Es verdad! Easter greetings! May you have a joyous celebration of our Lord's resurrection from the dead! Easter again.  And Tegucigalpa is quiet.  Everyone is at the beach. It is a good time to be here.   In the silence. Silence is where God's voice is heard. Last time I wrote,  Honduras was in turmoil. President Juan Orlando Hernandez ran for a second term in violation of the Constitution. Demonstrations broke out throughout the country. Then the government cracked down. They arrested protesters, tore down barricades, doused burning tires, and imposed a national curfew.   Now only the opposition politicians are speaking out.   For the rest, life has gone back to normal.  Evil has prevailed. Jesus knew how deeply evil had become entwined with power. How deep it had penetrated the lives of humanity.  And behind the corruption of men was an even more insidious evil. Darkness itself.  And so He set his face towards Jerusalem. For us only the mystery of the cross and the resurrection stand firmly against the darkness. Please remember Honduras in your prayers in this time of need. In the resurrected Christ, Jack+ [...]

2203, 2018

Stones and Scripts

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During Lent, the sermons have explored how followers of Jesus are called to lay aside their stories and scripts to be hidden in the Victorious Wounds of Jesus so that His life-scripts can be revealed in us and through us. On Good Friday, this Holy Week, we’re going to take time in the service to symbolize that “laying aside” and “taking up” in a tangible way that involve Stones and Scripture. The idea for this took shape over a number of weeks through conversations and reflection and prayer, as I and others asked, “How might we bring our ‘scripts’ to the cross of Jesus in a way that’s personal yet corporate, public yet confidential, simple yet substantive?” We believe we’ve found a meaningful way to do so, and I’d like to invite you to participate on Good Friday. Sacramental Stones Many of you know sculptor and long-time member of All Saints, Jim Zingarelli. Some years back, Jim created a series of three hundred small sculptures called Sacramental Stones. The stones were designed to be used within liturgy, symbolizing our need to sacrifice and seek unity. They seemed to us to be a fitting way to symbolize our personal and corporate [...]

1503, 2018

Vestry Retreat Update

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The Vestry’s annual retreat held Saturday March 10th had 3 desired outcomes: to pray; to increase familiarity with our buildings and budget; and to identify directions and initial steps toward the goal of strengthening connections to Amesbury in light our Mission’s words, ‘Welcome All.’ (See upcoming opportunities below). River Conte and Bruce McBrien led a campus tour to reacquaint us with past and present uses in each building, followed by a  lively discussion of missional thoughts and practical realities. We are grateful to River, Bruce and the host of others involved in the Property and Campus Development teams. Thank you. Vestry also approved a functionally balanced budget for 2018. Treasurer Paul Aganski notes this means the Cathedral is “faithfully paying its bills and the operating budget is in good shape.”  We will keep you updated on these matters. To quote Paul again, we are “deeply grateful to God for the cheerful and generous giving of the congregation.” The full day ended with reviewing suggestions on “what we’d like to learn” about our communities made at Cross Training March 4th. We touched on upcoming website improvements and best practices to welcome visitors. A very important vote was taken to accept Nathan [...]