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1708, 2018

New Sunday Schedule to Begin on September 9th

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Prov 9:1-6 Ps 147 Eph 5:15-20 Jn 6:52-69 SERMON TRUST: The “HOW” of Sharing the Gospel Fr. Nathan Baxter Fall 2018 Schedule Changes: Preparing to Welcome All (Beginning September 9th) 9:30 Worship Service: Family Eucharist (with teaching during the sermon for children ages 3 to 10) 11:00 Fellowship and Hospitality (coffee and refreshments), in Lower Church 11:15 Teaching and Training Together to grow in the way of Jesus through Practical Christian Formation for all ages (intergenerational) 12:00 Practice and Faith in Action- being sent out to do His work in welcoming all WHY the Changes? Every week, as we pray the Post-Communion Prayer, we ask God to “send us out to do the work you have given us to do, to love and serve you as faithful witnesses of Christ our Lord.” We recognize that part of the work God has given us involves handing on the Life of Jesus to the generations growing up after us. As a church-family on mission we have been wrestling in prayer and conversation to answer the question: “What does it look like to become the people our children and grandchildren want to be [...]

908, 2018

ASAC Weekly Newsletter – Week of August 5, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Deut 8:1-10 Ps 34: (1-7)8-15(16-22) Eph 4:25-5:2 Jn 6:37-51 SERMON Fr. Nathan Baxter Expanding Outreachby Bruce McbrienWhat does it mean to reach beyond what we have known in order to grow as a church?It could mean stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing with someone about your faith.It could also mean exploring new and exciting ways to meet people where they home. For some time now, our sermons have been available in audio form on our website. But, in the past few months, we have expanded our outreach by recording and producing video of our services for broadcast! Our first effort was to share our recordings on the ASAC Website, but with the help of local access TV we have been able to expand to include local cable.Most recently, thanks to new technologies created by a local software developer, we now stream our services live on Facebook as well! (It took several months of trial and error, learning as we went, but we can now truly call this our new outreach ministry!) Having a Facebook presence means that we have a new way to reach our members. Imagine someone who, for [...]

308, 2018

Did You See It?–Week of July 29th

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Ex 16:2-15 Ps 78:1-25 Eph 4:17-25 Jn 6:24-44 SERMON Fr. Nathan Baxter Did You See It? by Fr Nathan Baxter It was beautiful. Did you see it? If you were at service last Sunday, did you see it happening? Maybe you did, and it seemed normal and good. Maybe you did, and you didn’t know what was going on. Maybe you’re wondering (whether you did or didn’t see it), “What’s Fr. Nathan talking about seeing, and why might it matter”? Prayer. After the service during coffee hour. Two Home Groups took initiative to gather around one of their members in need of intercession. It was a beautiful glimpse of Family-of-God-Love in action. The Scriptures call us to “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” (Romans 12:10-12). What some of us saw last Sunday—and what some of you did last Sunday—was God’s people living out their calling and character because of their connection in Christ Jesus. Home Groups are more than a good spiritual thing [...]

2707, 2018

Week of July 22th, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY 2 Kings 2:1-15 Ps 114 Eph 4:1-16 Mark 6:45-52 SERMON Mthr. Cinnamon Blomquist Streams in the Desert Many of you know our friend, church-member, and recently ordained deacon, Francis (Frank) Capitanio. In June, he was part of the ADNE delegation to GAFCON in Jerusalem and served on the GAFCON Communications team. While in Israel, he wrote this thought-provoking reflection. The concluding lines are, I believe, timely and fitting for All Saints and for all New England churches: “There may be a desert around us, but there are springs, too; some of which are breaking out now. Some streams are made for the desert; some movements are made for such a time as this.” As you read the whole reflection, consider how God may well be at work among and around us by the Living Water of his Holy Spirit. The 1662 prayer book’s Burial of the Dead says, “In the midst of life, we are in death,” but here on our GAFCON tour of the Dead Sea, we found the opposite: in the midst of death we were in life. It was not just the vibrant colors of African [...]

1207, 2018

Week of July 15, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Amos 7:7-15 Ps 85 Eph 1:1-14 Mark 6:7-13 SERMON Can't We All Get Along? Fr. Ross Kimball At Home, As the ChurchBeing away on vacation has its attractions, but returning home holds—for me at least—a deeper kind of refreshing.  During vacation, I’ve been making my way through a splendid book by Martin Thornton called, English Spirituality: An Outline of Ascetically Theology According to the English Pastoral Tradition. It’s a lumbering title for a helpful and “homely” description of a way—a tradition—of being Christian. English Spirituality (expressed in a variety of ways of being Anglican) has at its core, pursuit of life in Christ as “the art of living as fully, creatively, and indeed as joyfully, as mankind is capable” (p. 25). It’s attuned to the “homely” character of life in Christ.  “Homely” needs a bit of explanation.      In the 14th century English tradition where that term comes into focus, “homely” means: “habitual, and therefore constant, calm, and, . . . stable. … Christian joy is truly expressed, not primarily in ecstasy but in tranquillitas, in domestic harmony, in sure hope and devotion.”  It's day-to-day home-goodness, not exceptional vacation excitement. “Homeliness” means that the reality and truths of the [...]

2706, 2018

Providence & Gratitude–Week of July 1, 2018

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THIS SUNDAY: LECTIONARY Deut 15:7-11 Ps 112 2 Cor 8:1-15 Mk 5:22-43 SERMON Mthr. Susie Skillen Providence and Gratitude When providential provision opens welcome opportunity—it’s time to give thanks. So join in giving thanks for the providences that are bringing a new family into our fellowship at ASAC: Adam and Rebecca Gosnell and their two children, Joseph (2 years) and Violet (4 months). Dcn. Adam relates a super-short version of their story: “My curacy [at CTR] was coming to an end this summer, and the plan was for me to begin a side-by-side priesthood-chaplaincy in Kingston, NH. But, late in the process, that job fell through. We’d already signed a lease for an apartment in Amesbury…. It was a rough couple of weeks. But, in the end, I found a job working with the Boston Fellows and I raised enough support to fund work for Bishop Bill, some at the Cathedral and some at the Diocese.” A few months before that, Cheryl Etu and I were taking stock together of the opportunities in Amesbury and the time constraints we face in the office. We were wishing there were a way to take some [...]