Come Rain or Shine to Amesbury Days- Week of July 8, 2018


Ezek 2:1-7
Ps 123
2 Cor 12:2-10
Mk 6:1-6

Mature Power
Fr. Nathan Baxter

Come Rain or Shine to Amesbury Days

Last week All Saints’ had the privilege of serving sno-cones and popcorn to swarms of kids, families, grandparents and everyone in between despite pouring rain at Kids Day in the Park. The event’s relocation to Amesbury Middle School didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits: the sno-cone wait allowed kids to deliberate over the flavor options (red, blue or ‘half and half’.) “Draw what you love about Amesbury” resulted in busy tables and brightly colored sketches of Town Park, pizza, the river, the library and even a carriage. We learned our town has many children who are very polite, and grownups and others who love to be with them.

From Thursday’s torrential rains we moved to the blazing sun of Saturday, and Kids Day at the Farm. Thanks to the kind invitation from Cider Hill, we were able to meet more people and chat a bit longer with them as kids decorated pots, spaded up soil and planted seeds. We even helped stuff a scarecrow or two. It was pleasant and restful under the big tent on a gorgeous summer day.

This Sunday July 8th, after the 9am service, we’ll offer the first of four short opt-in sessions to share any seeds or thoughts our summer read, Growing Young, is giving you. One seed for me has been, “Context is pivotal,”[i] meaning each church’s community is their own to better understand and love.

Thank you to the many at All Saints’ who planned, prayed and came out to munch a snack and say hello to Amesbury this week. Part of our mission is to get to know our neighbors better, and Amesbury Days gives us a way to do just that.

Chris Sherratt

Senior Warden

[i] Powell, Kara et al. Growing Young. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2016 p. 44.

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