New Website, Blog, Newsletter, & Facebook


Acts 4:(23-31)32-37
Ps 23
1 Jn 3:1-10
Jn 10:11-16

The Good Shepherd
Mthr. Susie Skillen

Our new website is up and running! We’re making improvements regularly and getting accustomed to the many helpful tools available both on the site and behind the scenes. The blog feature is a major improvement to the site, making it easier to keep updates available and organized.

One of the behind-the-scenes tools we’re especially grateful for is newsletter integration. This makes it possible to keep both the website and the newsletters up-to-date and informationally consistent, and with a streamlined workflow.

Those who’ve subscribed to the weekly email in the past will be receiving it now from “MailPoet” (instead of “Vertical Response”). Anyone who’d like can now easily subscribe through the website (see the form at the bottom of any page on the website).

We’ve also connected the website with our ASAC Facebook page.

We’re hoping that the website, newsletter, and Facebook, alongside the printed information in weekly bulletins, will better serve the information-flow for our community.

If you have constructive feedback on the site, please email the office.

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